Progressive offers surgeons a comprehensive suite of orthopaedic knee implant products and instruments.

Featured Product

Progressive Total Knee

Progressive offers surgeons a comprehensive suite of stabile technologies in the knee implants, instruments, and related biologics.

Progressive Total Knee Systems

  • Progressive Posterior Stabilized Knee System
  • Progressive Cruciate Retaining Knee System

Design Features of the Progressive Total Knee

Posterior Stabilized (PS)
Posterior Stabilized
Ultra Congruent (UC)
Ultra Congruent (UC)

Available Implant Styles

  • Posterior Stabilized (PS)
  • Cruciate Retaining (CR)
    • Cruciate Retaining (CR) Insert
    • Ultra Congruent (UC) Insert

Available Size Options

The Progressive Knee System has a complete complement of sizes

  • Femurs: 6 Sizes-Anatomic left and right
  • Tibial Trays: 6 Sizes – Symmetrical
  • Inserts: 9mm – 18mm in 2mm increments
  • Patella: 29mm, 32mm, 35mm, & 38mm diameters

Progressive Knee Flexion / Radius of Curvature

  • Provides clearance of up to 139 degrees\
  • Dual radius design for increased flexion

Tibial Insert Locking Mechanism

  • The tibial insert locks mechanically to the tibial tray using a dual dovetail and live spring design

PS Box / Notch Design

  • One size, bone conserving design accommodates all femoral options

The Progressive Total Knee System has a few design features worth pointing out…

  • Extended anterior flange with deepened patellar groove to assure excellent traction through full range of motion
  • Bone sparring cross keel design for enhanced rotational stability
  • Unique patent pending tibial tray rib design
  • No femoral posterior overhang through full range of motion

General Information

Component Capability

  • Femoral and tibial components are interchangeable regardless of size
  • NOTE: The UC insert option allows to match one size above and one size below

Tibial Slope

  • 5 degrees of slope is incorporated into all tibial inserts to maximize flexion

Highly Cross Link & Sterilization Process

  • Tibial Inserts are highly cross linked to maximize polyethylene longevity
  • Tibial Insert and Patella implants are ethylene oxide (EtO) gas sterilized. EtO sterilization, as used with Modal Manufacturing implants, does not cause oxidative degradation of polyethylene

Component Materials

  • Femur: CoCrMo Alloy (ASTM F-75)
  • Tibial Tray: Ti Alloy (ASTM F-136)
  • Patella: UHMWPE (ASTM F-6480)
  • Inserts: UHMWPE (ASTM F-2565) Highly Cross-linked

The Progressive Knee incorporates proven designs that have provided successful long-term clinical results.

Instrument Design Features

3 Tray Total Knee System

  • Efficient Tray Design use of One Tray for quick instrument set turnaround
    • OR efficient
    • Reduced learning curve
    • Maximize total cost savings

Surgical Technique Preferences

  • Accommodates both anterior and posterior referencing
  • Allows for initial distal femoral cut or proximal tibial cut option
  • Intramedullary or extramedullary tibial resection

Femoral Instrumentation

  • A Shift block is provided to allow 1mm, 2mm or 3mm anterior or posterior adjustments
  • Both 4-in-1 cut guide and PS box/notch cut guide M/L dimensions match femoral M/L dimensions
  • Distal cut guide allows for standard cut and accommodates additional resection options

Tibial Instrumentation

  • One step tibial keel preparation
  • Easy snap in insert trials

Patella Instrumentation

  • Modular 3-in-1 Patella sizer, drill guide and clamp

The Progressive design team focuses on quality instruments to complete a total knee arthroplasty with great efficiency. The novel and efficient design not only allows easy transition for surgeon customers, OR staff and central sterilization but empowers the surgical team to take control of their OR.