Progressive offers surgeons a comprehensive suite of orthopaedic hip implant products and instruments.

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Progressive Total Hip

Progressive offers surgeons a comprehensive suite of stable technologies in the hip implants, instruments, and related biologics.

Progressive Total Hip Systems

  • Progressive Hip System
  • Progressive Microplasty Hip System

Design Features of the Progressive Total Hip System

Replacement Hip ChartAcetabular System Cup Design

  • Titanium asymmetric coating
  • Titanium hemispherical substrate
  • High coefficient of friction
  • Immediate scratch feedback
  • Line to line reaming

Locking Mechanism

  • No third-party locking mechanism
  • Integrated anti-rotational tabs and locking

Cup and Size Options

  • No hole (Polar) 46-68mm
  • 3 Hole (Cluster) 46-48mm
  • Multi Hole 46-48mm

Femoral Stem System Stem Features

  • Titanium medial/lateral wedge
  • Plasma sprayed proximal coating
  • Standard and offset neck options
  • 135 degree neck angle
  • 12/14 taper

Size Options

  • Standard and extended offset
  • 23 stem sizes

Head Features and Options

  • CoCrMo and ceramic
  • 28mm, 32mm, 36mm and 40mm
  • S(-3.0), M(0), L(+3.5), XL(+7)
  • 12/14 Taper

Liner Options

  • Standard and highly cross linked Vitamin E Poly
  • Neutral and 15 degree elevated
  • Non-loading lipped liner minimizes dislocation
  • 1.6mm lateralization included in all liners

The Progressive Total Hip System incorporates proven design features that have provided successful long term clinical results.

Instrument Design Features

3 Tray Total Hip System

  • Simple tray design use of One Tray for quick instrument set turnaround
  • OR efficient
  • Reduced learning curve
  • Maximize total cost savings

Surgical Technique Preferences

  • Line to line ream for acetabular cup 1-2mm under ream based on bone quality
  • Cup trials are line to line
  • Neck resection based on pre-op templating
  • Color-coded femoral head trials

Femoral Instrumentation

  • Line to line broaching
  • Standard and offset neck trials

The Progressive design team focuses on quality instruments to complete a total hip arthroplasty with great efficiency. The novel and efficient design not only allows easy transition for surgeon customers, OR staff and central sterilization but empowers the surgical team to take control of their OR.