The Progressive Orthopaedic Company is a full-line orthopaedic implant distributor of low-cost orthopaedic implants. Our company is based on the usage of “stable orthopaedic technologies” as defined by that which has been time-tested in the market place for several decades, found successful by consensus, and therefore undergone little change in design or patient outcomes—i.e. less expensive generic equivalents of equal quality and clinical outcomes to their name brand competitors.

The Basis for Our Model

Our business model will save money and ultimately lower the cost of orthopaedic healthcare. Here’s how:

There are many brands of any one particular type of FDA-approved orthopaedic implant or implant-related product, each backed by expensive marketing that claims its technology and engineering is superior to the others. However, due to FDA regulation, all products are substantially equivalent to one another, with many entering the market with no clinically relevant improvement to patient outcomes. The proliferation of these name brand implant products continues to drive orthopaedic healthcare costs up, with no end in sight—until now!

The Progressive Orthopaedic Company has partnered with a compliment of manufacturers to provide implant products at a reduced cost to those utilizing the products.

History of the Progressive Orthopaedic Company

Collectively, the management team of the Progressive Orthopaedic Company brings more than 40 years of experience in the orthopaedic industry in areas including implant design, manufacturing, distribution, business development and management.

Founded in January, 2013, The Progressive Orthopaedic Company was created by combining two orthopaedic companies, Skeleton Crew Manufacturing, LLC, and Upex Holdings, LLC, in order to bring low-cost effective implants to the market to improve the current orthopaedic business model.

Our Philosophy

At the Progressive Orthopaedic Company, we offer an alternative to high-cost, highly marketed implants. Our products are time-tested and have proven outcome, but are available at a fraction of the cost. Our company originates at a time when healthcare is drastically changing and consumers and payors are looking for low cost alternatives.  With our new and innovative business model we create a win / win scenario for our customers and our business by changing the way implants are delivered to healthcare systems.